How to Clean Air Jordan 1’s All White

how to clean not just the Air Jordan 1 myth like just any white leather shoe in general all you need I’ll just give you some basic things I you need to fresh which you’re obviously not going to use anymore – well you don’t have to like maybe cops’ll do or anything but just any two containers I just found some old containers I had fill one with water don’t need too much but on oh I guess I put too much boy over it doesn’t matter how much water you have you just dip in your toothbrush and you want to fill another with like just any like baking soda like you should have this at home now so all you do is just pour some baking soda toothbrushes what you’re going to do is ,cheap jordans for sale,you’re going to take the toothbrush grab this little water dip it in and then you’re going to dip it and kind of scoop it up just like to kind of pace to something scoop it up on to your toothbrush and then you just start scrubbing so before you start though you want to make sure you get the laces off so you can clean that tongue too and you can yeah I’ll save the laces like clean of the laces for another video.

but I’ll just speed this up or something so let’s start clean all right what I what I tend to do is I grab some you know papers anything I got a bunch of crumpled up newspaper in here but what I do is just I put it into the shoe so it’s kind of like I can kind of get rid of the creases so I can like push it push out ,Wholesale Jordan 11,so I can you know scrub in the creases as well so these aren’t that dirty at the moment but I thought might as well just clean it for the video you know so yes all right I guess we’re good to go so let’s start song yeah take it for toothbrush you dip it in water is the so could get a little wet and then you come to the baking soda just get some off like that and you just start to scrub it so now I’m going to just start clean right.

I’ll give you a before-and-after look first so before we move these out of the way before not some little dirty back here is what it looks like before I won’t be cleaning the sole like if I was trying to sell these my might just clean these but I’m not gonna clean the sole because I’m just gonna wear these out again yeah side I’ll give you a look at the tongue to remove dirty your tongue there ,cheap jordan shoes,so yeah start might not see it cleaning at Fir but after you take your towel and give it a wipe a lot of dirt will come off so don’t worry you and when the baking soda dries it gets like powdery everywhere so later when it dries you know just clap it outside closet shoes together oh yeah start on the side of the set of so here you by the way this kind of math is a clean juice doesn’t just them like it only works for I’d say most of white letters but it also works for just white cells in general if you want to clean them up yeah this works you all right I’d say for the most part this one is done you can take a look at this let you see it ..