CBR600RR 2005 DHGate Fairings

all right guys it’s Christmas a month earlier Farren’s have arrived so long story short I ended up ordering some fairings for that puppy over there vo 600 oh five i settled on carbon fiber finish out of DHgate which is basically eBay but apparently it’s more like a broker style so suppose that the quality is a little bit better that’s that’s what I’ve been told more control over quality as a true I don’t know I guess we’ll find out in a few minutes here I have not unboxed anything,cbr500r fairings, as you can see I’m going to do a live review quality might be great quality might be I don’t know yet so we shall find out pretty soon here so hopefully you guys can and by the way the seller.

that I ordered this from is called Alice flower all in one word Alice flower so some gift I like the fact that they’re not all wrapped around completely and there’s no bubble in there there’s nothing they’re just piled up one on top of each other or so I would have probably like to see some bubble wrapping or something like that but anyway,yamaha r1 fairings, maybe I’m just I’m just a little whiner we’ll see this is one of the this is one of the covers on the top right just in front of the tank I’m gonna be really careful not to scratch anything okay I can see on the inside that they got some fingerprints in there with glue or whatever okay this is black this is not carbon fiber finish that’s mistake number one paint quality is not bad not bad once I shine it up should be good but yeah this is definitely not I hope this is all black.

because I’m gonna lose my this one’s black too yep completely wet let’s grab one of the big pieces so this corner was not wrap properly and you can tell there’s a little bit of a chip there not that it’s gonna show cuz it’s under too that would be on the receipt but still this is definitely not fiber carbon finish this is black black black so I’m not gonna unwrap it not very impressed right now this would be the fender bender II thingy what you call this just on the wheel one of the volunteers it’s black again just looking at the main pieces here,cheap motorcycle fairings, they’re all black there is no there’s no carbon fiber finish whatsoever on these things so fail Atlas flower you failed big time put this back in the box and thank God it took a video because if they want to see that you know if they think that I changed the fairings and I’m trying to screw them up they can really see that they screwed up not me and yeah there it is plastic case bla bla bla it’s all there you guys screwed up not happy right now I’m not happy Cheers