which was the Jordan 1 cartoon customs by David got cakes except I’m gonna be doing it on a pair of Air Force Ones I saw another guy do these but he use sharpies instead of leather paint which is not gonna hold up over time if you want something that’s gonna be durable you got to use leather paint so I went online in to order some angeles paint markers which i’m gonna be using for this custom you can also use a small paintbrush but there’s a lot of benefits to using these which I’ll get into later if you guys enjoy this custom I might do it again on a black paper Air Force ones with the white paint so let me know if you guys want to see that yeah I’m super excited to see how these turn out I’ve been wanting to do this custom for such a long time so let’s get started with the video so I started use the paint marker but I completely messed it up by adding too much paint thinner so ended up deciding to scrap that idea and just use a regular paintbrush I’ll make another video where I use the paint markers but I didn’t feel like messing around with it too much as always the first step is to rub down the shoe some leather prep into glaser I forgot to take out the laces but you’ll need to prep that area too this custom is pretty simple.

I’m just gonna go around and outline each shape on the shoe with a solid black line the nice thing about the Air Force ones is that you can use the areas outside of the threading as a guideline that way you get consistent lines . once you get a few lines down it already starts to get that cool cartoon effect now I’m gonna go in and paint around the holes where the laces go these don’t have to be perfect and it almost looks better if some of them look a little weird because drawings aren’t always perfect,cheap jordan shoes, now do the same thing with the holes on the front be careful not to get too much paint on the paintbrush when you do this you don’t want to clog up the holes but if you do you can use a thumbtack to clear it out . for the toe area if you just do one line around the outside it looks then from the top view so I added another line just inside the toe cap to make it look thicker next I went in and painted on some cartoon stitching you don’t have to do this step but it adds some extra detail for the back tab I did the same thing where I just painted a line outside of the stitching and also painted the Nike logo,cheap jordans for sale, but my camera setup is too short so I did it off-camera now it’s time to do a line around the base of the shoe I wanted to get a nice consistent line so I used tape you can easily do this without it but I wanted to make sure it came out as even as possible usually it’s not recommended to paint on the rubber part of the shoe but making another line over the stitching adds a tunnel look at this custom .

but just know that if you scuff your shoes the paint will probably come off this area . don’t forget to go back and add lines to any of the areas that you might have missed earlier now I’m gonna paint the details on the tag if you don’t have a steady hand you should just skip over this step because it’s really easy to mess up and it’s hard to fix I used an exacto knife and just dipped it into the paint and did it that way this doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you can read what it says and see that there’s an egg logo it’ll look cool and now I’m just gonna go in and add some details to the tongue it’s gonna be covered by the laces so you don’t have to do the whole thing just the areas that are gonna be seen the last step and the longest step is doing the shoelaces there’s no way to do this quickly but if you’re through with it it really pays off the way that I did it is by taping down the end of the laces and then just doing one edge at a time you’ll have to do each edge on both sides and then go back and touch up the areas on the sides,cheap jordan 11, where the paint isn’t touching it took me a good three hours to do both laces but if you do it well it’ll be worth it so here’s the finished places I still have to go in and do some touch-ups off camera but this customer’s pretty much done if you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe and if you want to order a pair you can message me on instagram at vision on my lens and i’ll see you guys in the next video when you throw your hydro wall yeah I should’ve played it safe kept my eye on ya but I did it not your fittings in my bloodstream yeah you got me exposed and you’ve dug deep Cobra go buddy no luck I let you might set my skin Cobra cold-blooded no lo I let you in shed my skin . what’s going on guys hold on one second