CBR600RR Monster Fairings Review

this is my review on the monster fairings so guys just a little disclaimer that Monster fairings did send me these fairings for a discount I didn’t get them free I got them for a discount in return for review but that is not going to influence my review in any single way this is a 2008 Honda CBR 600 Double R and these are my custom monster fairings just do a quick walk around of the entire bike so first off we’re going to talk about what I have custom done to it these are basically like my old fairings the only difference is that side is red this one mid fairing is red and the black is uh I’m sorry the bottom bearing is black also I have my name my youtube name right on it so it says here Orr right down there which I think is a very cool little addition and they did a really good job on that came out perfect also the front I had them remove that let me on the zoom I had to remove that black strip right here so that’s all just a solid red piece and also the side fairings have this little strip that comes with it ,yamaha r6 fairings,now the old ones didn’t have that it was all black there so that’s pretty much all the changes that this one has some the old one otherwise from that it’s exactly the same as my old Ock Mart fairings.

so let’s go ahead and jump right into it let’s talk about the number one thing which is fitment I care most about fitment more than anything else care more about fitment than paint quality everything fitment is everything because the fitments bad the parents will literally pop right off and I’m going to say right now the fitment on these is absolutely outstanding the fitment is really really good everything fits together very nicely and it was so easy to put together I remember my old fairings took me so long to put together see this right here how that seal is perfect all around the gas tank pretty much with the old fairings I had it was such a pain and I actually had to like cut around the inside it was just it was an absolute nightmare to get them on this it just clicked right on and it was super easy also these side bearings right here like check out that fitment also the fitmin right here this is a big one for after firing aftermarket fairings is right here,cbr 500r fairings, this usually has a big gap and there is literally no gap right there and it looks so good monster fairings really did a great job with the fitment on this just everything fit together so nicely and I was surprised when I did my old fairings it took so long to put them together I mean it took like days I think it took like a day and a half these it took like a few hours it was just so much easier and there was just no drama they click together nice is it the same as OEM I mean when it’s done it the fitment is pretty much like OEM if om is a 10 out of 10 this is like a 9 out of 10 the only gaps.

I could find are like right here there’s one little gap here as well but again I didn’t even notice it until like later on when I was looking over the fair as long as we got there so I’m really happy with the way the fitment came out it it is perfect pretty much monster fairings did a wonderful job on the fitment and also with my custom decal being on it saying here Orr they did a fantastic job on that absolutely perfect the font is perfect it just came out I’m so excited how well that came out and I wanted to my name on the fairings just because I thought it looked cool anything like that but I wanted it subtle I didn’t want to just write who aura or write in the gas tank I wanted to kind of like on the bottom just a little little thing I’ve said this is my bike and that it did it perfect I’m so excited with how good that came out thank you monster fairings for doing a wonderful job on that the bike looks so good the only thing I have left to do with that little silver subframe right there other than that the bike is almost done the old octave art once I had was rubber right here this one’s plastic ,2007 gsxr 600 fairings,I kind of like the plastic one better I’m glad that they went with plastic talking about the paint quality because this is a big one too so you can just be the judge for yourself of how you think that paint quality is the bikes a little dirty I did kind of clean it but I mean these are it’s been a couple months on so fairings been on now most of the fairing the pain quality is pretty good but I will say this if you are a perfectionist you’ll be very disappointed with these fairings because if you look over here there’s little black dots kind of in the red paint there and I’ve noticed that in a bunch of different areas with it’s just little black dots of like where the black paint may be splattered or something I don’t know and also there’s just minor imperfections with the paint like right there there’s a crease and up here there’s just random little like paint imperfections I know how else to describe.

it there’s you know there’s a tiny bit of like orange peel going on it’s a tiny bit it’s not bad the paint quality was a I will say it was a little disappointing if you are a perfectionist you’d probably be a little disappointed I think because this bottom fairing came out so good I think they had like maybe a new person painting the rest of the fairings so maybe that turned out back because I’ve seen other people’s monster fairing some of those paints perfect so I think I just kind of got like a maybe a bad painter some I don’t know I they came out good though anyway for where it is now and like just walking around like this it’s flawless it’s perfect and I get compliments all the time people always look at my bike and they’re like whoa I I get people turning heads everywhere this bike she’s so beautiful and everybody agrees she’s beautiful it’s just an awesome bike and these bearings really did a great it really helps complete the whole look I’m very happy with how they turned out the paint quality I would have to give like a if 10 is OEM like octa Mart’s would have gotten like maybe an 8 or 7 and this would have gotten like a 6 like it’s below auch marks paint quality level I’ve taken my bike for about two thousand miles now and I’ve looked it over pretty well and I don’t see any damage from rocks or anything like that just it you know areas that get a lot of like you know me touching and stuff don’t have any damage I remember the Aqua art fairings at this point in time we’re already kind of like wearing away .

so I think the durability of bearings are a lot better than the aqua arts so durability I’d have to give it a good grade I mean I’ll have to go back though and revisit this in a couple years or a year or whatever a few months and make an update video and I’ll do that about how the durability went so the million-dollar question would I go with monster bearings again and the correct answer is yes I would I think they’re an awesome bearing I’m so happy with the fitment the paint quality is a little disappointing but honestly I can live with this I’m happy with it and my bike looks fantastic I mean she could win a bike show but like if she looks awesome a little view of my bike oh so nice you guys want to get yourself some monster fairings I will have a link in the description they are awesome fairings they are a bit pricey I believe they are like 650 bucks or something so with that said you are paying like an extra 200 bucks over another brand fairing like och Mart’s or something but you are getting perfect fitment and I heard autumn arts didn’t improve their fitment but I don’t know I don’t know that’s true all I know is my experience with Monster fairings was a pretty good one I’m really happy with how they turned out so anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did remember to leave that like and I will see you all on the next one subscribe if you haven’t already I make a new video every single week alright guys take care and bye bye Oh